Welcome to the Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas.

The NEW Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas is a fiber mill specializing in custom processing of high-end natural fibers. We process alpaca and other natural fibers into felt batts, rovings, and yarns. Our modern equipment allows us to process small batches and even individual fleeces.

What We Do

The Mill at Rosehaven Alpacas is designed to support you, the fiber enthusiast. We provide fleece production services for those who love working with natural fibers but who have struggled with larger spinning mills whose focus is finished goods. We love working with fiber artists and those who want to felt and spin.

We make 3 primary items:

  • Roving
  • Batts
  • Rug Yarn

What Makes Us Different?

Because we work at only one end of the fiber production process, our turnaround time is much quicker than the spinning mills whose runs take longer and go through more involved end-product production stages. Our goal is to support fiber artists first. We sincerely appreciate the work the larger spinning mills do for our industry. We use several for our own end-products.

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