$2500per hour
  • Sorting and grading fiber helps to ensure a quality end product.


$400per pound
  • Vital step to cleanse fibers for further processing


$1000per pound
  • We use Dharma and Cushing dyes to create custom one of a kind results

Rug Yarn

$1600per pound
  • Core spun, bulky yarn for weaving, knitting,or crocheting into rugs and other durable items


$1200per pound
  • Prime fiber creates roving suitable for hand spinning to yarn, less than prime fiber can be used to craetye roving for needle felting and other craft projects


$1200per pound
  • Batts can be used in FeltLOOM machines or can be wet felted, or used by spinners or crafters.

Popcorn Yarn

$050per yard
  • Core spun using the best fiber creating a soft bulky yarn for knitting, crocheting, or weaving

Felted Sheets

$2400per pound
  • Useful for crafts, clothing, and a variety of decor items


$200per pound
  • Combine different fibers for unique finished product

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